Hey! I just joined, and awaiting approval. I did not really know where to post an “intro” post, so, I figured to post it here? Please correct me if I am wrong.

I am a 17 year old horse obsessed girl. While I am not into the real life racing scene, I have always been interested in racing. I currently own six of my own horses, and show hunter, jumpers, and eq.

I am looking forward to getting to know everyone, and getting to know the racing world a little bit better!

Hi Romy… welcome to FF… I know you’ll love it here… we all do… there is an area on the board called the Waiting Area… that is where most of the newmember waiting approval post… but hey here is just as good!

Make sure you read all the boards and the FAQ & Newbie Guide… they are full of just about anything you’ll need to know… also check out Forum Index it has a bunch of topic that are on the boards that can answer alot of questions…

Again Welcome…

Hi Romy

Have fun!!

Any questions , dont be afraid to ask

Degs74 (Paul)
Dege Destroyers

Welcome to FF Romy.
Mat :slight_smile:

welcome to the game, and remember its always better to ask if you are uncertain , most everyone is happy enough to answer any thing you cant find on the FAQ, etc. and hope you have fun!!