Hey FF!

This is jaggedrocks95, adn yes, I am on the waiting list. Hopefully, I’ll be up adn running soon!
Til then, let’s talk about FF, and what we would possibly get to do!  :wink:

Hello!  ;D
How has your luck on waiting been? Are you joined yet?

If you’re at all confused about what FF is about, or just want to do some reading up on what you can expect, check out the FAQ.  It’s a must read, and looks like it’s been updated to deal with Natural Energy, shipping and all of the other new fangled additions we’ve had in the past year (this is an evolving game, even after 10 years!  YAY!).  More information on some of the new additions can be found “sticked” at the top of certain forums–check out announcement section for sure, but also look into the other sections. 

For general newbie-ish answers and advice, the Newbie Guide offers a wealth of information from experienced members.  Anything from how to select equipment to how to select a decent claimer to how to run your horse.  Some of the advice might be a little out of date, as training was not available when this was put together, but for the most part the advice is absolutely golden.  Consult it often. 

I’d love to see a breeding section added to the newbie guide as well as advice on training/jockey selection, etc.

Welcome to FF

Welcome to FF! Hope you enjoy it!