Hey Everyone!!

Hey everyone! I am a 16 year old from Oregon, USA and I love horses! I haven’t ridden in a few years but call me horse crazy! :smiley: This is my first time on here so tell me, is this place fun? It sounds like fun. If you want to chat, I’m here!! :slight_smile:

Welcome!! This game is SO much fun!! Its like owning real racers except its SO much cheaper!! lol :slight_smile:

Hello! This game is amazingly fun! It’s so realistic, it’s amazing. Real time may seem like it would make it dull, but it only enhances the experience. Makes it seem like the horses are really yours. You can easily get attached.

I suggest while you’re waiting to do what I did when I waited, and made things much easier when I started. Read the FAQ and Newbie guide. What I also did was float around the forum and sift through topics, reading people’s questions, answers, problems, advice. That was a really great help, and it kept me interested while I was waiting to be accepted.

Hope to see you around!  ;D