Help! Minor Injury

I need some help and advice.  My starter horse was injured during training with heat in his leg.  I know he needs to be rested, but for how long?  How will I know I won’t be hurting him?  I’ve only been racing him once a month, and I was planning to race him again on July 18. 

I have always loved horses, have ridden at a hunter stable for 5 yrs but never competed, and I have never owned my own horse (yet!!).  So this game to me is purely virtual and I’m learning all the time.

Any guidance for a newbie on how to deal with the minor injuries?


It’s a minor injury so give him a couple weeks off.  In game injuries are not like real life injuries, in that you can’t really look at your virtual horse and know when they are ok to work again, where as in real life you can look at em, and it would possibly only take about a week or so for your real life horse to recover from this.

Also, a small injury isn´t necessarily a poor reflection on you.  Larger, career ending injuries, means you probably ran your horse into the ground and should probably rethink your training methods.  But a cut, some heat, coming back from a race with a limp–these things happen.

Sometimes even bigger things happen without you being the cause of them :wink:  I wouldn’t be too worried about just some heat though.  It’s a pretty common thing to happen on the track.

Just be glad you don’t have a gelding that consistently bows his tendon :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the guidance!  I appreciate it.