Help for all the new players

I sent this to someone via PM but the advise is sound so I though i’d post it for all the new players.

Thanks, that’s helpful! :slight_smile:

From personal experiences PMs are the best way to get ahold of someone. Heres why: when people are on the forum and are checking PMs they are in game frame of mind. I have gotten an email and discarded it as junk b/c I didnt recognize the name and in real life I dont have racehorses so I had no idea what the email was talking about.

I never thought of that.  I live in my own alternate reality (everyone in NC has one, you know :wink: ) And so when I see e-mails about racehorses I automaticaly go into FF-land, where all my pretty horses prance around in my dreams.  But you’re right, it’s better to get a PM so that you know right off which player contacted you and can easily contact them back via the game as well as check out their stables.

Thanks for this help
I am waiting to be accepted but this seems like good advice


My mare just broke her maiden and she is my first winner. Her name is impossible riddle and my question is what to do with her next.

This is probably a stupid question, but anyway, how do I access this ‘Newbie Guide’ I have read about?  Also, how do I enter the ‘handicap competition’?

‘Newbie Guide’  is under the Tab … Game links

Handicapping competition…Weekly picks/Handicapping
Make sure you read the rules.