Hello :)

Hello, Im ‘wimpy’ when it comes to horses, heights actually, hence my name.
In RL I have a QH gelding, Frosty, and I ride a Morgan Mare.
I’ve only ridden Western but I love Thoroughbred racing and cannot wait to get started on FF!

My stables, Country Lane Stables, will be raising and racing Thoroughbreds!
You can call me wimpy, it doesnt bugg me at all, seriously.

About my horse:
CB Hickory Frost aka Frosty, was born in July ten years ago. He has a blaze and three stockings, and is registered as a sorrel roaning out, althought the roaning out part is hard to see unless you are up close.
Frosty has Doc Bar lines, and was bred in Minnesota and lives in Minnesota on my grandparents hobby farm.
He is a cow horse and isnt ridable.

I want to own Racehorses and be a vet… and Im a total freak on horses and I prefer interland (internet sims) to real-life a lot.

I have an older brother, two dogs, one fish, and two birds, also.
So I think that is is…

Welcome this is a wonderful game!  Good luck if you ever neeed help don’t be afraid to ask.

Mwahaha fresh meat! :wink: Just kidding. Welcome to the game! I hope you enjoy it (we all sure do)! As Lisa told you, we’re ready and willing to help you if ya need anything :3 Oh, and make sure that you’ve read the FAQ (here–>http://www.finalfurlong.org/faq.php ) and the Newbie Guide (here–> finalfurlong.org/newbieguide.php )! They’re very helpful indeed :smiley: Take care and hope to see you playing soon!

P.S. Your horse sounds absolutely loverly :wink: (I used to ride a nice QH gelding m’self back in the olden days… I miss good ole’ Pleasure riding… Western ish fuuuun!)

Welcome to the game. :slight_smile:

Oh, yay! Welcome to the game. If you enjoy horse racing as much as you say, then you’ll absolutely adore this game. It is really life-like in many ways and is completely addicting. The wait on the waiting list isn’t as long as it seems, I swear. When you get here, it’s completely worth it.  ;D

If you have any questions, always look in the FAQ or Newbie Guide, but if there’s something you can’t in there or in the forum (you can search topics in the forum to find answers sometimes) then go ahead and ask me and anyone else who is willing to answer.  :-*

If you ever want to chat with someone and I’m online, go ahead and PM me. I am on a lot sometimes. But, sometimes it takes forever for me to be able to get on. So if you ever want to chat… :wink:

I feel very talkative today. Anyway…! Welcome to Final Furlong. I think you’ll soon find that you ran into a game worth waiting for!

Thanks :slight_smile: It looks great so far, and I’ve gotten my filly in a race :slight_smile:
Cant wait until things start picking up.