Hello, my name is Robbin and I stumbled across this site today. Decided I’d give it a try.

A little about me, 47, retired Navy, now a personal chef, I live in Oregon and own 2 cats and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. I don’t have a horse at this time but have in the past. Looking forward to getting to know everyone and playing a little. Maybe sharing some recipes with everyone. I’m always looking for new things to cook. (also working on a cookbook so ideas would be given credit in the book)


I’ve got family in Oregon, it seems really nice every time I visit.

Cookbook sounds exciting! I’m having to learn new ways to look since I discovered I can’t eat gluten a few months ago. I’m eating healthier now, which is nice, but it’s been an adjustment.

Hi, welcome to the game!

Welcome, and thanks for buying Serena y Dulce! :wink:

I made battered mushrooms today, with thyme and smoked pepper. Just because these are my two favourite spices, I had no idea if they are suitable for mushrooms…

the mushrooms sound great! the best thing about mushrooms is they are like a sponge and will absorb the flavors of what the are cooked with. Depending on the mushroom thet have distinct earthy notes that suit most recipes.

and you are welcome she looked like the kind of filly I’d take on as a project.

Welcome! You might find the game addicting after a while! It’s a lot of fun, and Shathi is constantly evolving it, so it only gets better. It’s always good to see new faces in the game. :slight_smile: If you ever need anything, just ask!

My go to meals usually include garlic, spice, or BBQ (I’m from Kansas City, so the last one can’t be helped!) We made pulled pork the other day that was a combo of all 3, and it was amazing.

OH I am a big BBQ fan (born in MO, so yeah I know all about it). I bought a few boodmares and have picked a few stallions to breed them to. I am looking forward to the 2 yo auction so I might pick up a couple 2 yo’s to campaign.

Welcome to the best Fantasy Horse Racing game on the Internet in my opinion.

Good luck with your horses and your broodmares. Usually, Stallion Owners will give newbies a discount on Stud Fees. Even though a Stallion may not need approval from their owner to breed to them, you should contact the owner and let them know that you are a newbie and they can adjust the fee (before you actually breed the mare).

Thanks for the advice Lewis I have already bred 2 of the mares, but will take your advice on the others. Yes it looks like an amazing game, I love the training aspect of it.

Welcome to the game!