Hello :)

Hey guys, Shawna here of Ruby Ridge Racing… I play other SIM racing games but FF is a first for me… I am looking for a few consistent racers to buy if anyone has any extras that they are willing to part with, we would be more than thrilled!  Thanks so much!

Hello, and welcome to the game.  :slight_smile:

Posts of this kind asking for someone to offer horses to you are not allowed on the forum. For more information, read here.

On the other hand, if you find a horse that you would be interested in buying, sending that stable a private message with an offer is completely acceptable and welcomed! The stable may not sell you the horse, but I’m afraid you will not have any horses offered to you through a post such as this one.

Look through the horses for sale, and then do a search and look through some horses not for sale and make some offers… You may be surprised by the stable owners’ answers!

Good luck!

Oops, sorry, I must have misread the newbies section… said something about asking the older members about horses, didn’t mean to cause any problems.

You didn’t, don’t worry. :wink: The forums aren’t prohibitive, we’ve just got some unspoken rules which help keep the business of the game more good-natured. By the by, you also aren’t (unfortunately) allowed to ask abandoned stables if they’ll sell you their ponies. I tried that once. :wink:

No problems caused at all! And you’re definitely encouraged to ask specific older players for specific horses, just not in a general thread aimed toward everyone is all. :slight_smile:

Im glad I know that before I posted anything else, lol, im just not even sure where to start because I obviously do not know bloodlines and what horses are worth really

You just got a couple of nice ones from my sales page, they are still young and should pick up anytime :slight_smile:
Welcome to a fun game

Well, you’re certainly allowed to PM them to ask if, being inactive, they’d like to sell you a horse or two. But you can’t just say “hey, want to quit the game and give me all your stock?” :wink: (And, being inactive barns, they may or may not ever respond, or you might just remind them that they have nice ponies and want to run them themselves. :wink:)

Welcome to the game, Shawna. :slight_smile: You’re in luck as FF sells off a ton of (albeit old, and gelded) horses in January every year for almost nothing. They might not make a ton of money for you, but on the plus side, they’re cheap. :wink:

Great, thanks so much for the help everyone… this is a lot more intricate then the other game I play, so it may take me a while to catch on and I will probably have a million + 1 questions :slight_smile: