I thought an introduction might be in order. I’m Marvelle, and my stable to Spring Dance Farm. I just start Final Furlong after watching my daughter play over her shoulder. I’ve got two nice racehorses, hopefully I can figure this game out. Wish me luck!

Hi Mom! lol :smiley: This is my horse crazy mother who stole my horse from me.

Hi and good luck with your new stable. This is a great site I’m sure you will enjoy it. :slight_smile:

O.O Hi! -waves, and jump up and down- Good Luck!

Welcome! It’s always nice to see multiple generations playing. :slight_smile:

Oolala, now you’ll have to behave :wink: Your mom can see eeeeverything you do. Jk :stuck_out_tongue:

And welcome!

Welcome! I’m new her as well, my name’s Jen and my racing stable is Vantage Stables. I’m really looking forward to gettin my racehorses out there (they run this week! :smiley:) and getting started

Welcome to the game, I hope you have a blast.

It’s not me who needs to behave, its my mom! lol… she’s a crazy woman :shock:

lol, its great to see other mom’s here too… welcome…

Welcome newbies! :slight_smile:

Hi Marvelle!!! Welcome! My name is Rachel and it is so nice to meet you. Good Luck with your horses.

I see you got sick of not knowing what Sarah and I were talking about. Now you can join in on the craziness too.