Hello everybody!!

I am just waiting to get accepted.
I just love horseracing.
The game looks brilliant and can’t wait to get started.
A little about me , I’m 32 years old , Male , and from the Midlands in Englands

Speak again soon


Hey, welcome!

While you’re waiting around, I do suggest you thoroughly read the FAQ (which is slightly out of date, due to the brand-spanking new racing code–read the forum for details) and the Newbie Guide, along with ALL of the stickied forum posts (found at the top of each section).  This is especially true of the horses for sale forum.  Topics covered there include, a post on which types of ads will be deleted, a post on how to properly find horses for sale (or that you’re interested in) and how to make a reasonable offer to members, and finally, the cardinal rule about bugging Shanthi to sell you a pony from the FF pool.  (Here’s a hint: Don’t.) 

There are other topics in the forum you should read, especially because of new tweaks on the game that have been added so recently the FAQ has yet to catch up, but that doesn’t excuse you from reading the FAQ.

If you have a question, feel free to ask, we tend to be a friendly bunch.  However, since there have been a large influx of new players relatively recently (the quota was bumped from 100 active players to 150 less than a year or two ago), a lot of the questions on your mind have alread been asked.  So, in order to refrain from getting a grumpy response (answering the same question 50 times is annoying and tiresome), please search the forum for things that might be related to your question first.  If that fails, then post. =)

Have fun!


Thanx cat

Any help, advice and pointers is gratefully received


Welcome to FF Degs!! You’ll be an addict in no time, like the rest of us. :wink: Good luck!!

Welcome!  ;D Glad you decided to join. I remember how excited I was when I was waiting.

Again, kudos to Cat. Great advice!

Thnx Freedom

Accepted now and already addicted , just wished I could buy another horse lol


Ooo, seems like you were accepted pretty darn quitely. Congrats on that!
I don’t blame you for already being addicted; it doesn’t take much around here.  :smiley: