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[color=orange]HI! I am ImmyStables. If any of you play HorseLand too, my player number is 2093748.

I have not played this game before so if you could tell me how to run a functional, running stable and some tips to earn me money, please reply to this.

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It’s definitely a lot difference from HL (Does anyone remember Cyber Stable that was run off the same page back in the day?  Probably not…).

When you get approved for a stable, you’re given a starting budget (I think $200,000) and your choice of two horses.  You can get a racer and a broodmare, a yearling and a weanling, a something and a something–any combination of horses.  However, realistically the only way to make money fast is through your racehorses, and it can be kind of boring sitting around waiting for your one race horse to be ready to race again.  This game is run in REAL time.  That means, 1 year=1 year.  So, waiting to sell off foals is probably not a good money making scheme. 

Once you have your ponies, the first thing I’d probably do is to ship them to the nearest track and start training to find out what jockeys they like, what surface they like, what equipment they like.  Be careful not to over train, or else they will get injured.  Once you think you have an idea of how they want to run, ship them to the track where you want to race them (if there are no races at the track you’re at), and enter them.  Remember that shipping takes up energy and fitness scores, so the closer the better, especially if they’re maidens or allowance horses.  Between races  you can continue their training.  If they have good workouts, they might run better in their next start. 

A couple good things to read while you’re waiting around, though they do represent the old code (we just switched to a new racing code that Shanthi’s been working on for 18 months), a lot of the theory is sound.

FAQ and Newbie Guide

Just a head’s up, before you post a question here, it would be in your interest to check out those two sources of information first or search the forum.  A lot of the same questions have already been asked, and it’s tiresome to have to answer them over and over again to people who couldn’t be bothered to look for the answers.

Good luck.

More like $50,000.  :wink:  $200,000 to care for 2 horses would be nuts.

And actually, you’re now required to get a racer and something else (racer, broodmare, yearling, or weanling).  This was because too many newbies kept signing up with a yearling and a weanling, and then having nothing to do once they got into the game.

Otherwise, spot on, Cat.  :slight_smile:  Thanks.

Bleh.  I got my games confused.  I remembered that starting money had doubled, but I substituted $100k (WR) for $25k (FF).  Thanks for correcting me.  =)

Thank you very much for the help Shanthi and CricketHill! You are great helps.

Welcome to FF Immy. :slight_smile:

Hey. Welcome to the game! As you may have notice with Cat’s nice description of the very beginning of FF, I think you’ll find that it’s very different from HL. I certainly did, but I personally like FF much better. Anyway, my only tip is to entertain yourself while you wait is to read all the way through the FAQ and Newbie Guide, as shown above. I did, and it certainly helped.  :wink:

Anyway, I hope you like it here!  ;D