Happy New Year!

Happy 2008!

Anyone have resolutions?

Mine aren’t hard-and-fast, gonna feel real bad if I don’t do them, but (in no particular order)…

I want to spend more time outside (as in, enjoying nature/etc)
I want to get back into running (and theoretically train for the Country Music marathon)
I want to work on being more outgoing/social

Happy New Year to everyone!

No Resolutions yet…

A couple of goals are in mind however…

  1. to Graduate in May Magna Cum Laude and Honor Society (as of last quarter I have a 4.0)
  2. get accepted to a great medical university (I’m thinking Ivy League)
  3. get back to riding my show mare (lose the brace on my leg)

all noble goals and obtainable…

Whee! Happy New Year all!


  1. Eat healthy and attempt to exercise.
  2. Actually study this semester, not just the night before exams.
  3. Raise my GPA to at least 3.5.

I think those are my resolutions anyway. They seem obtainable, if I stop procrastinating.

Happy New Year everyone. :slight_smile:
      1)Not to make any New Year’s resolutions-I don’t think I ever kept one.

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone Long Life and Bright Futures.

I don’t make resolutions (can’t keep them when I do)

Happy New Year!

Honestly, the only resolution I have this year is to not have one.

I don’t make resolutions either…I know myself too well. :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy New Year, everyone. :slight_smile:

I didn’t even think about resolutions this year.  I forget about things so easily anyways…

I’ve never had a a resolution I’ve taken seriously, though my past three ‘resolutions’ are to lose weight. I really need to do something about that ASAP…

And possibly consider going to college. I’m in my Junior year of high school and I still don’t really want to go. :-\

Happy New Year! ;D

Happy new year to everyone!  ;D

I’m hoping for great changes this year for the better. This is also the year I start driving! Yay!  :smiley:

That I start running again and not eat as many sweets. I need to remember that just because I’m young doesn’t mean I’m indestructable.  :wink:

I hadn’t really thought of them as resolutions but I do have some goals for the year:

RL Goals:

  1. Get my GPA to 3.5 (currently at 3.2)
  2. Ski, hike, camp, snowboard, snowshoe ANYTHING every weekend! No more wasted weekends! There are way too many things to do in Alaska to just sit around the house!
  3. Go to the gym 3x a week and eat less crap!
  4. Decorate our new house! We don’t have kids so a dinosaur bedroom and a Curious George bathroom aren’t cool. :slight_smile:

FF Goals:

  1. ENTER MORE RACES! I think I was one of the least raced stables this year! I get busy for a month or more at a time and waste good horses. Not happening this year! I will make the time!

Haha, same with me. Good idea, I should make that my goal also.  :wink:

I think that several of us could make that our goal.

Curious George Bathroom?  I think that’d be really great to have! :astonished:

I’ve never really made any resolutions, but I’ve come up with some goals for this year:

  1. Be more social and outgoing, both on FF and in real life.
  2. Find some balance in my life (not too much or too little of anything).
  3. Lighten up on myself and stop putting so much pressure on myself.

I’m definately hoping this year will be my best yet!

Happy New Year to everyone !!!

I know it’s a little bit late but only got back from 2 weeks in Cuba yesterday

Yesss… I’m late too… But I think it’s good to do New Years’ resolutions (even though I don’t usually keep track of mine… Should try that this year, methinks. It’d be interesting to see at the end…)

  1. Graduate from high school–(but pass English and Discrete Math first…)
  2. Figure out what I’m doing with this whole college-thing… (Take off a full year in-between hs and college or go right away in the fall? Go to four-year college or a two-year college first–Aim for associate’s first or head into bachelor’s? AND FIGURE OUT WHAT MAJOR YOU’RE TAKING DARNIT! Sheesh. Crazy indecisive person…)
  3. Socialize/Conversate more (haha… 'Tis a theme… :stuck_out_tongue:)
  4. Take care of m’self… (Lots of exercise/fruits n’ veggies)
  5. RIDE (I vow to ride at LEAST ONE HORSE this year. Otherwise, I may just go insane…er.).
  6. Start (and finish) more projects… (Art/writing projects, specifically).
  7. Have a shorter list for next year… (hehe).

Just from my experience, I’d figure out the college-when and college-which (2 vs 4 year, size, strengths, etc) before freaking out about picking a major.

I picked my school because it had a vet school (and I was convinced I would be a vet), but 3 semesters in I decided against it, and was lucky that my school happened to have a strong engineering/tech program, so a degree in computers worked well.

But yeah, long story short - majors change, sometimes quite a lot. :wink:

Not much for resolutions, but I’m going to make one.

  1. Stay on track with my PT so that I don’t screw myself over.  I want to be back and kicking by June. 

As far as college goes, I second Shanthi’s advice.  I started as an engineering major, cycled through a lot of different science departments (biology, chemistry, computer science, etc.) before I settled on humanities.  I honestly didn’t know what I was going to major in until I declared myself at the end of my 4th semester.  Even then, you can always change your major.  A lot of colleges will have distribution requirements that every student has to fill, so you may not even have to worry about what you WANT to study until sophomore or junior year.

Thank you, Shanthi!!! Thank you, Cat!!! I’m glad to know I’m freaking out about the whole Major thing (haha, sounds funny… :stuck_out_tongue:) prematurely… I’ll just have to have more faith in my future-self to know what I will be most happy doing for the rest of my life (not that having a career necessarily shackles you to that career… Or something… Eh).

…But until I get to the point where I make those college-related decisions–I have a just-plain-FABULOUS (definitely sarcasm) essay to write for Senior English… Which is due in 2 days… Which is right before Final Exams for this semester… (mmk now I’m ranting… bleh). Okay. See all of you in roughly… 3-7 days… :slight_smile:

And thanks again for the advice. It helped me more than you know ;D Take care… And have a TREMENDOUSLY FABULOUS NEW YEAR (and that was NOT sarcasm for once! :stuck_out_tongue: It’s like a record…)!!!