happy happy

Today at 9 am I got to watch one of our mares foal a beautiful buckskin filly, I am soo happy. That was the first foal I ever go to watch in real live be born. I was soooo soooo happy. :-*

Oh my gosh, I’m so jealous! It’s like that episode of Grey’s Anatomy!  ;D Please post pictures sometime!

I did get some, but the sun was to darn bright, I got to go out tonight and take some of the lil cutie. Mom tried to bite my head off at about 12 (filly born at 9 am). This was momma’s first baby 8) we still have 5 more mares to foal for sure!!!

Ooh!  Buckskins are one of my favorite colors, right after blood bay!

Ok, I found one pic salvagable. :slight_smile: shes going to be a light buckskin ;D