Happy early birthday Shanthi

Not sure of the date so happy early birthday!! Hope it’s a great one!  ;D

Thanks! :slight_smile: It’s on Sunday. No major plans, other than a nice meal (curry!).

Best wishes! Good to have birthday during the weekend  :wink:

I miss the hand battered REAL. Fish and chips , nd the bubble and squeak! And the spotted dick ith custard! I need to visit the uk! :slight_smile:

I’m a vegetarian, so I either get hummus/pita bread from our local chippie, or make fried halloumi at home. I haven’t tried spotted dick yet, but have heard it’s good. We’ve made bubble and squeak at home before, it’s quite simple (and freezes reasonably well). :slight_smile:

You should try it, it’s very good! I had the best hummus in turkey! Yum!


Fish and chips in the UK is gross so you’re not missing anything!

Happy Birthday, Shanthi.

I totally agree with Jason about the Fish & Chips. Fresh fried oil and grease. Yuck.


Well I used to visit friends in Sheffield and there was a chippy there that had awesome food!

I waited until Sunday, haha. Happy birthday, Shanthi!  ;D

Ha, thanks! :slight_smile: It always feels more birthday-like on the actual day.

Happy Birthday, have a lovely day :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday!

Hope you have a very happy day  :slight_smile:

Happy birthday, Shanthi! :slight_smile:

Happy birthday, Shanthi! I hope you have a great day.

I hope you had a fabulous, happy birthday today, Shanthi.  You deserve it!