Happy Birthday Mom! (Arab Lady)

Happy Birthday Mom!!! Hope you enjoy our day together!

Love Ya…

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday! Have a great day. :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday! :slight_smile:

Have a greeeaaaat Birthday !!    :slight_smile:

Have a great birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Thank you everyone. I spent the day picking out a new German Shepherd Dog puppy! I finally decided on a show bitch from the Covy-Tucker Hill Kennel. Her name is Covy-Tucker Hill’s Tahoe Rose, she’s 4 mos. old and as soon as we can get some pictures I’ll post them.

Happy Birthday!
A german shepard puppy how great! I wish the owners of the barn where I board my horses and bought 3 morgans from still bred german shepards. There german shepards where registered under Steffen Haus.