Happy (belated) birthday, Moochi!

Happy birthday!  (Sorry, I meant to post this yesterday, but had no time)

Hope you had a great day.  :smiley:

Happy Birthday! :smiley:

yay! moochi! congrats! :-*

Happy birthday, hope you had a greate one :wink:

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday hope it was great :slight_smile:

Happy birthday! Hope you had fun!

A birthday present. Hope you like it.

:'( :'( :'( …Holy cowz… I’m going to cry now… You guys rock so much… Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :-*  and yes, I had a WONDERFUL birthday!!! :slight_smile: and… Thank you for the absolutely BEAUTIFUL gift art Tata ;_; I love it sooooooooo much… In fact, I’m going to print it out and hang it on my wall right now ;D

Oh, and I have some pictures from my b-day too :stuck_out_tongue: For instance: here’s a piccy of me in the prom dress I got for my b-day if ya wanna see it --> deviantart.com/deviation/40259576/ (warning, it contains… ME! Hide thine eyes!) aaand… That’s really all I have for now… lol

Thank you again everyone! It really made my day that you all took the time to wish me a happy birfday :3 Big hugs and snugs to each of you…

That dress looks awesome.  :slight_smile:  Blue is one of my favorite colors.