Happy (belated) birthday, Moochi!

I hope you had an awesome birthday. :smiley:  Enjoy voting! :wink:

Happy Birthday. Sorry I’m late in saying so. :slight_smile:

Oops, we all sorta lost this game. :stuck_out_tongue:  Happy birthday anyways :-*

Geez… what was I thinking? Hope you had a blast on you B-day!

;D THANK YOU!!! :-*

I really DID have an awesome birthday, too!

I had to go to school–which was kind of a bummer–but I also got to see all my friends too! :slight_smile: I had the Garden Gate birthday song sung to me (by my friends Holly and Mary-Beth), and then I got to go to Red Lobster (perhaps my favorite restaurant on the planet…) with my mom, and we had this REALLY CUTE guy as our waiter… Zo.My.Bob. :astonished: And guess what? When my mom told him it was my birthday, HE sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to me, and got a few of the other waiters to sing to me too… W00t! The really awesome thing is–he kept asking if there was anything we needed… Like… an obssessive amount. My mom leans over to me after he leaves and she says “You should ask him for his number.” And when I was like “MOOOOM! NO!” She goes, “Well, he -did- say ANYTHING.” ;D ;D ;D

Anyways… Mom ended up giving him a big tip (lol) which was probably his intention in the first place, but HEY–a girl can dream (::slight_smile: )! And after we left Red Lobster, we went to the mall… And I got some shoes (my feet were killing me from the heels I had worn all day… so I got… shoes with wedges… soooo much better… LOL) and a really cool jacket with a giant kitty on the front in pink and black… (It’s pimpin’ :wink: ).

I didn’t buy cigarettes, or any other stuff like that, though I was told to several times by many of my underage friends :stuck_out_tongue: Buuut–I DO get to vote. Which is something I couldn’t do before, though I’ve never had a huge urge to put it to use… Maybe this coming election?

I got other presents… Mostly electronics :smiley: Yay! More things to distract me from school… bwahahaha (Just kidding… :stuck_out_tongue: )

Thanks again everyone!!! (passing out hugs…whee!)

On my 18th the only “new” thing I went out & enjoyed was buying a lotto ticket.   :P  Like you said - a girl can dream.
Most things that are “new” to 18 YOs, though, are because they’re bad (cigs, etc.).  Boo.
But at least now you’re old enough to win prizes!

Happy birthday, though!