I do not understand handicaping.  It does not make sense to me! cud you pls explane

Hanicapping is a way for FFer’s to make money for there stable. Post in the Weekly Picks/Handicapping and post in that race days date (i.e. 8/9) Make a list of races 1-25 with places 1-3.
You earn the following money for each place: 1st-$250; 2nd-$100; 3rd-$50 and Trifecta(guessing horses 1-3 in the correct order)-$1000; Quintella-$500 (Guessin the 1-2 horses in order)
To Handicap what you do is on Tuesdays & Fridays before 12 pm game time, you go to the “Enter Races” page and click on Post Parade or view Racing Form (You can also view the Racing Form from the Post Parade).  Races will run with 6-14 horses in each race. What you must do is look at the horses performances (i.e. how many points they have, races won, money earned, etc) to determine the order that you what to place horses in.
Race 1

  1. Gee I Joe
  2. Maryjane
  3. Josie Jo

When race results are posted go to the “Race Results” go the the 2nd section called “Full Race View” and put in the date August 9 2010 and click on search. Stroll Through and check out if your horses that you pick were in the places that you picked them for. Them make a chart such as: (And post it at the end of each month)

Stable Name
Days Handicapped



If you need any more help just ask!!!

Shanthi’s post http://www.finalfurlong.org/forum/https://www.finalfurlong.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?t=9

I rather fancy a go at handicapping but I have a bit of a problem. I don’t know where your game takes it’s time from. I know that different parts of the US are a different from each other so I need to know hof far behind london time you are. Right now it is 7.48 tuesday evening here. In Los Angeles it is 11.46 in Miami it is 14.46 in Denver it is 12.46. So to post before the 12.00 midday time limit i need to know hoe game time relates to me and I don’t know where your game takes it’s time from!
Any info will be valuable!

Just use EST Time. Oh and it is 12 PM (Night Time-Midnight).  :wink:

Miami is in EST. We’re EST.

that is a really great point I never thought about that factor!

heck I still cant figure out the difference between a quinella and an exacta :stuck_out_tongue:

Quintella- 1/2

ya see, I thought and exacta was 1-2 and trifecta was 1-2-3

Exacta is 1-2.  Quinella is 1-2 in any order, Exacta is 1-2 in the correct order.  Trifecta is 1-2-3 in the correct order.  (So technically all the handicapping “quinellas” are really exacta bets…)

Sorry about this but what is EST?  :-[  if I use Miami time I take it this is OK?
Thanks Penny

EST is Eastern Standard Time.

If you take the time on the index page (where it says “FF Date”) and add 3 hours, that is EST.