Gotapa 2027 Foals

After a few days of patiently waiting Gotapa’s first 2027 foal is here! Excited to get the season started.

NCh. Gang of Thieves (B) x Super Tunes - GCh. Superdocious
9.3h grey filly

Super Tunes was only lightly raced herself, but she’s half to NCh. Song Thief, GCh. Macnamara’s Band and NCh. Golden Tunes, so I’m hoping she caries some of their talent to bestow on her offspring.
She will visit Calle de Oro next.

0 colts | 1 filly | 49 still due


NCh. Secret Handshake x Black Clouds (G) - The Black (S)
9.1h dark grey filly

Very pleased Black Clouds gave us a filly as she retired promptly after given birth and I only own her two last colts from previous years.

Black Clouds is a gold-ranked mare who’s the dam of six runners to date, including one MSW, two SW and one SP. Three of them are champion titled already. We also own her 2025, 2026 foals so excited to carry on her legacy.

0 colts | 2 fillies | 48 still due


I’m glad Black Clouds was able to produce a filly for you before her retirement. We owned her for 10 years; I didn’t realize it had been so long! I own her daughter, Bespeckled, who just had her first foal this year.

She was one of the first broodmares I purchased and was already in foal. So I own her 2025 and 2026 colts bred by Blackstorm. Looking forward to seeing the eldest hit the track this year and happy her lines are being carried on in the game!

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NCh. Secret Handshake x Twenty Four Carat - ICh. What’s Your Point
7.1h strawberry roan filly

We found this tiny, dainty filly in the barn today! she wasn’t due until February, so it was a bit of a surprise she showed up this early.

Twenty Four Carat will visit Naval Commander next.

0 colts | 3 fillies | 47 still due


Another February baby showing up early and the first colt of this year!

NCh. Ablative Armour x Ch. Lavender Monument - Created
8.2h dark bay colt

When I googled Ablative Armour - I had no clue what it meant lol - and saw all the space ships pictures, it for some reason made me think of this saying and the song ‘Go!’ By Public Service Broadcasting, a band that I recently saw live and enjoyed more than I thought I would. And so a name was born haha.

I’m still debating on who to send Lavender to next.

1 colt | 3 fillies | 46 still due


Love the name!

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And suddenly it’s colt season!

Cop in Morgue x Eternal Flame - ICh. Magic Glory (S)
8.2h dark bay colt

There were so many naming possibilities but somebody beat me to them for all of them, lol. So we took the theme a bit broader and named this boy after a book series I loved reading.

Eternal Flame is visiting Never Let Go next.

California Chrome (B) x GCh. Sheza Sheila (B) - Ch. Heza Gallant Gent (S)
9.1h dark bay colt

I noticed the alliteration of this guy’s parents and just played with it. Really loving the quirky result! He could go either way as far as surface preferences go, so curious to see how he’ll take to the track.

Sheza Sheila is putting in a request for Black Cherry for 2028.

NCh. French Ruby (S) x M’Lady Guinevere (B) - Ch. Heza Gallant Gent (S)
8.3h grey colt

M’Lady Guinevere is now retired. At least we got to name one of her offspring after Arthurian legends!

4 colts | 3 fillies | 43 still due


FFCh. I’m No Fool (S) x Waiting To Happen - GCh. Backseat Driver (S)
Bred by Sakura Springs
9.1h grey filly

Waiting to Happen is off to Fiddler’s Green next.

4 colts | 4 fillies | 42 still due


Great name

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NCh. Lucky Streak (S) x Kerian Image - ICh. Witness (B)
9h blue roan filly

Fillies are back in the lead! Kerian Image was lightly but succesfully raced herself and is 1/2 to GCh. Singsong. Lucky Shot is only her second foal, so we’ll have to wait and see how her offspring does on the track.

Kerian Image is off to see Starling next.

4 colts | 5 fillies | 42 still due


Cool Crusader x It’s in the Bag - WCh. Drum Major
8.3h black filly

First foal for this mare, who’s out of a gold ranked dam. Excited to see how she’ll do!

It’s in the Bag will visit Kemistree next

ICh. Calle de Oro (B) x One Day Early - WCh. What’s Debatable (S)
9h black colt

One Day Early will go to California Chrome for 2028

NCh. Space Chips (S) x Ch. Mañanita - ICh. Gunningdownromance (S)
9h black colt

Ponce is the place where the Las Mañanitas is celebrated every year, so it suits this guy!

Mañanita is on her way to Carrowmore.

6 colts | 6 fillies | 41 still due


Congrats on the lovely Cool filly!

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Congrats on the lovely Cop colt!!

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Thank you!

Another one arriving safely!

NCh. Franco Classico x Stolen Chance - GCh. Steal Your Heart (S)
8.2h dark bay filly

Stolen chance won’t be bred for 2028, but is available for lease.

6 colts | 7 fillies | 40 still due


While we’re still awaiting the birth of the last February foal, some of the March kids decided they couldn’t wait anymore.

GCh. Powerful Soul x Ch. Blue-Footed Booby - ICh. Blue Smoke
8h black colt

Keeping the tradition of naming all Booby’s foals after birds and pleasantly surprised Seagull wasn’t taken yet. In old times, it was believed that Seagulls embodied the souls of sailors and fishermen. Hoping for a turfmonster when he grows up.

Blue-Footed Booby put in a request to Von Liechtenstein for 2028.

GCh. Fivel x Sands of Egypt - GCh. Akhetnaten (S)
8.3h bay colt

In search for a name for this fellow I discovered that Fivel used to be a river in my own country! Always fun to stumble onto new knowledge. The river Fivel was present in an area dominated by landscape features and rivers due to peat soil. Fivel itself was a peat river and existed because of the overflow of water from the surrounding peat landscape.

Sands of Egypt will visit Frankel when FF stallions become available.

8 colts | 7 fillies | 38 still due


Congrats on the Fivel colt!

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Last february foal is here and colts are starting to pull ahead!

Ch. Final Scene x Not Legal - NCh. Void (S)
Bred by Sakura Springs
9.2h strawberry roan colt

First foal for this mare. Even though Not Legal is only lightly raced, I’m pretty excited to add her to my broodmare string! She’s out of a gold mare, placed 1st or 2nd in 2/3 of her starts and was succesfully raced from 2 all the way up to 8. Looking forward to seeing her foals on the track.

Not Legal will visit Secret Handshake next.

9 colts | 7 fillies | 37 still due


Stillborn filly
NCh. Ancient Magic (B) x Heartless Junction (B) - Cross Roads (S)

Unfortunately today we had the first stillborn. I’ll probably retry this breeding for 2028.

NCh. Explosive Motif x Treasure Hunt - NCh. Changeling
10h black filly

Thankfully I also found this gorgeous filly in the barn. Big and jet black, she’s quite a welcome sight!

Treasure Hunt will visit Worthy Victor next.

9 colts | 8 fillies | 1 stillborn | 35 still due