Godolphin's Cavalryman

Just wanted to share with you photos from Godolphin with Cavalryman, because he’s such a gorgeous horse!

godolphin.com/galleries/late … CAVALRYMAN

I think he’s black, or very dark brown? I love his head and neck and overall balance. And an outcross pedigree too:


And amazing career. Just a perfect horse!

beautiful! I’d say he’s black.

By the way, I searched for Emirates Melbourne Cup’s results, to find out that Cavalryman was scratched, but look what a nice animation:

racingresults.com.au/race/20 … up-128158/


Just in case you hadn’t heard Hilda, unfortunately Cavalryman passed away :frowning:

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

That’s very sad :frowning: I didn’t know… he was a beautiful horse.