Generous Auction

I am trying to put a bid on a particular horse, the Dubawi x Cheeky Monkey foal, however, when I place my bid, all I get is a blank screen and, when I refresh the screen, it does not show that I’ve made this bid.

I have tried it with different amounts, all with the same result.

I have been able to successfully place bids on other horses in the Auction, just not with this one.

Same issue. Seems to only be happening with the unnamed horses but hard to tell. I was able to put in 10k increment bids on one horse but it wouldn’t let me just put in a single large bid (ex: wouldn’t let me bid 75k, but I could bid 55k, 65k, then 75k). Had another horse say my bid wasn’t high enough, so I bid again, and it said I had the top bid.

I tried that and it didn’t work. I even tried $500 over the highest bid amount and it didn’t work either.