Game Idea - Race Results

I would like to get Jockey comments back following a race. you know, to key off of like “lots left”, “pooped out”, “doesn’t like the mud”…

Then people won’t be so compelled to work out their horses just to get Jockey comments…  Also good insight for some of us novices as to when equipment should be used.

While on this topic, would there also be a way to have a record for what you told the jockey to do for a race? Whenever I pick one of the options for race instructions to the jockey I almost always forget to write down what I told the jockey for Horse X so then after the race I have no idea what I told the jockey to do, if anything, to see if it worked…or not.

i like both of these ideas b/c i run into memory problems like jade after races (i can nvr remember!).

The jockey race comment would work great for everyone too i think. 

Post-race jockey comments have been suggested before, and I’ve stated before that there’s not much they can say.  By default, horses are expected to try and win, so they will all be “tired out” after a race…some will be completely exhausted, whereas others will be OK in a few days.  (Also, that depends on how fast they regain energy.)

The database doesn’t store what instruction you give to the jockey after the race is over.  It could be added in the future, but isn’t a high priority, since you can just look at the running line to see how the horse ran.  (And the final placing, to see if they did well or not.)

I think post-race jockey comments could be informative.  Heck, just use the same ones as from workouts and have the race gen one of those.  Having a jockey say “so-and-so likes to run on the lead” when you can see that the horse ran dead last the entire time gives you quite a bit of info.  And for people who don’t like using the workout options, would give them a chance to get some jockey feedback.