Gallop Racer?

Does anybody here play any of the Gallop Racer PS2 games? I used to have the 2001 version before some guy who was supposed to fix my PS2 decided not to give it back to me. But yesterday my mom said that she was “considering”(in her case this means yes) buying me a new game if I could find one. But I was considering asking her to buy me one of the newer versions of it. So I was wondering what the best one was out there.

out of the two Gallop Racers i have played Gallop Racer 2 is the better one there is also the G1 Jockey series which are equally as good

I have Gallop Racer 2004, which is pretty fun. That’s really the only one I’ve played, though. There’s supposed to be a Gallop Racer 2006 released this month, I believe.

I love all of the GR games, they all have their drawbacks, but they can entertain me for hours.

As to Gallop Racer 2006, it’s already out. I’m going to get it today.

FI has played both Gallop Racer and the Breeders Cup game, and while the Breeders cup on has better graphics, for horse people he says the Gallop Racer Series is much better

I also have one of the Breeders Cups games, and, well, I found parts of it frustrating (you can’t skip race days) and parts of it too easy (the actual racing of the horse.)  I don’t have any of the other ones, though, but that’s just my opinion

So?  Is it worth $40?  :slight_smile:

It is a really good game, the graphics are the same, but the horse’s action is a lot more realistic. This GR is a lot different from the others, it’s a lot like GR 2001. You can only race one horse at a time, and you start playing in the Gallop Title area where you collect horse titles. Once you breed and race seven My horses, including one mare you can play Gallop Legend where you race in the Dream Cup and Dream Series.

There are three different whip modes; show whip, shoulder whip, driving whip. That is a nice addition, and also when you breed, unlike 2004, they actually show you which leg your horse likes to run in, which I was very greatful for.

Overall I really like the game, though it is unlike any of the other GR’s.