Future Entries for BC Races

I have one horse that I have just nominated for the BC SC Endurance, Sunstruck Trick,

I tried to Future Entry him for the race but get a message that “0 races were found in the next 30 days that Sunstruck Trick is qualified to enter.”
He is listed as #5 in the list of qualifiers.
He did run on Oct 5th and, bearing in mind the issues already reported by others, I wonder if that is causing my problem.
I also tried to Future Entry Holy Dreams for the BC Turf Sprint but got the same error message. He also ran on Oct 5th. Two other horses that I tried to Future Entry but who didn’t run on Oct 5th, were successfully entered.

I’m not sure if this is an error but I seem to recall you have to enter BC races manually when races open, rather than use the future entry option.

EDIT: should be manual entry as per Shanthi’s post here

@Shanthi I’ve got a similar problem to above with Chadwick by my recollection he’s nominated and qualified for the BC sprint yet I can’t enter him as he’s enter for a race next year in 2027.

Nor can I ship him to the track as he’s stuck with this entry.

If you scratch him from entries for the 2027 race from your stable home page, you should be free to ship and enter him.

Unfortunately and weirdly - doesn’t show up there.

Oh, that’s strange.

Hopefully Shanthi can get it sorted for you

Just a thought - you could try copying the link for your entries for one of the two upcoming race days and then editing the date to 2027-10-07 and that might just pull up any horses entered on that date. That would hopefully then give you the option to scratch any runners listed.

Ta but I can’t get to anywhere that you can adjust the date and unfortunately the future entries aren’t hyper-linked.

I can’t even ship him either as he’s ‘entered’ to race lol.

If on your stable home page it says you have “x” amount of horses entered to race on a 2027 date, click on that link. It will bring up all horses entered on that day. There should be a scratch button next to every horse entered

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Sorry if you’ve tried this already - if you open this page for your stable, and the webpage address for the page - the last section of the web address is the date. If you delete that date and amend to the date of the race he’s currently entered in, it should in theory pull up the equivalent page that date and you should be able to scratch him.

Staring me in the face - thank you! That did it.