Future Career/Job Shadowing

OK for out Sr. Project in my English class we have to pick a career we want to have. Mine has landed on a tie between two though the second is not so much as what i want but my parent expect. I’ve always wanted to work with horses I love Jumping, Eventing, Dressage, and Racing. I hope that one day I can become a trainer (hopefully for racing, but the other ones are good to.). My other option that my parents expect is Fashion Design. :roll: I admit i would probably be better off doing what my parents expect, but I’m not going to just give up on my dream job. The problem now is finding a Trainer near me that would allow me to shadow them. I’ve been looking all over, and I’ve come to noting but dead ends. I’ve tried everything, I did find a TB Racing Stable, but i have not contacted them yet as they are 2 hours away, and I am currently short a car. I was wondering if anyone knew of any Professional Stable/ Trainers around South East Michigan, Upper Ohio. I’ve been through every source imaginable, and I’m still at a dead end.

Um the only thing i can think of is trying Midwest horse stable directory and you might find a stable with a good training program that will let you shadow a trainer.

Let me just go find the link.


Hope that helps!

You might also try Canter and the other organizations that help Off the Track horses move onto new lives.

There were a few as I recall, that did training themselves.

Can you go to Hawthorne? I know a trainer up there who would help you.

Thanks, and yes i can get to Hawthorne. It’s a 2 hour drive @.@ but it would be worth it, as i’m still at deadends trying to find anything else with in a hours drive ;-;

PM me if you decide to go to Hawthorne and I will call him. :slight_smile: