Funny Cide retired...

Seven year old Funny Cide retired today, finishing his career with 11 wins of 38 starts. I guess he’ll be a stable pony for his trainer Barclay Tagg…kinda neat I think and they ended his career on a win when he won the Wadsworth Memorial Handicap.

You can read an article about it here: … tired.aspx

He had a good career, and I’m always happy to see any TB’s track career end happily. I am glad they are keeping him around.

Noo! I didn’t hear about this before you posted it. :astonished:

Funny Cide, other than our beloved Barbaro, was the only current hose I knew about. I had seen one race, happened to be one that Funny Cide won, and I’ve loved him ever since, because of how he won. He was behind the horses for most of the race, but then sprinted up to the front at the end of the race, winning by several lengths.

Ever since that race, whenever I run at a track or cross country race, I call being behind and suddenly kicking it and winning in the end “pulling a Funny Cide.”

Ah, well. At least he’s around.  :slight_smile: