Freedom Acres' Crop of 2017

This little girl was due on January 8, but she decided to show up a week early, and luckily not a day sooner!

[color=red]The Trumpet Calls
NCh. Call to War x Coronet (B)
DOB: January 1, 2017
7.0h Bay
This tiny little angel is out of a broodmare I leased from Darkwood Stables. The naming possibilities for her were insanely obvious! She is named after this World War I propaganda poster.

Coronet will be sent home to Darkwood Stables. Thanks for letting me lease her!

Lovely filly. :slight_smile: Cute name, too!

Lovely name.

Thank you!  :slight_smile:

Cute Filly Love the name!

Very much like the meaningful name :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!

This little one was due on December 31st, but her mama decided to take her time, and I’m glad for that!

[color=red]Comet ISON
ICh. Worth The Wait (B) x Snowfire
DOB: January 3, 2017
9.0h Bay
I wouldn’t normally put so many caps into a horse’s name, but apparently the names of comets are always in all caps. You can read about the possible astonomic event here. Hopefully the sight is worth the wait!  :wink:

Snowfire will be sent back home to Darkwood Stables. Thanks for letting me lease her too!

Cute foal. :slight_smile: Though just be warned, the beta code might de-capitalise ISON (I’m not sure).

I looked through the threads on it and read through the rules and couldn’t find anything on over-capitalizing, but I still felt like it was iffy. If the beta changes it, it’s no problem. And thank you! :slight_smile:

It does check for “shouty” names, so if you name your horse I’M THE BEST it should change that to I’m The Best. I’m not sure if it counts partially-caps names as “shouty”, though.

It’ll be an experiment! :wink:

Looks like you’re in luck. :slight_smile:

Awesome! Glad the beta doesn’t think I’m shouting.


Finally, a baby to report!  ;D He was born right on his due date.

[color=blue]Suave Suitor
NCh. Formal Occasion x Match Me Up (S)
DOB: January 30, 2017
9.2h Flea-bitten grey
The naming possibilities were pretty fun for this guy. Formal Occasion’s oldest are yearlings this year and his dam’s breeding ranking has been climbing lately. Her other foals have grown up to be decent racehorses, so hopefully this guy continues the trend!

Match Me Up has been sent to Unabridged for her 2018 foal.

Cute name. :slight_smile:


Two today! It’s exciting having so many broodmares.  :slight_smile:

NCh. Slip In The Mud x I’m Not Pink (B)
DOB: February 3, 2017
9.2h Blue Roan
I sort of laughed when I thought of this name, but I’m kind of warming up to it. This little guy is bred by Clicker Lab and looks sporty with all his leg chrome.

I’m Not Pink is visiting Take Me Away next.

[color=red]Lavender Ward
GCh. Secretsarebound (B) x Kelly Do (G)
DOB: February 3, 2017
9.1h Grey
I’m quite partial to any foals out of my gold rated mare, and this little filly is no exception. She’s 1/2 to Ch. Cathedral (MSP), Ch. Eloquence (MSP) and Ch. Alfresco (MSW).

Kelly Do is visiting Candidate next.

[color=red]3 fillies, [color=blue]2 colts, 0 stillborn, 14 left to go!

Cute foals.

I like Bruised. :slight_smile: I hope he does his dad proud.

Love both the names!

Kelly Do x Candidate might be a monster once it hits the track.