Freedom Acres 2015 Babies

We only have two little ones coming this year and our first one was born.  :slight_smile:

[color=blue]ICh. Gunningdownromance x [color=red]Kelly Do
DOB: 8 January 2015
Chestnut - 8.2hh

I wanted his name to be somewhat related to his parents, yet original. My boyfriend came up with this name.

Kelly Do is now going to have a visit with my own Unabridged - I’ve been wanting to have a baby of theirs since I first got those two as a newbie horses. It’s amazing that it’s now happening! I’m very excited for the little one.

Cute name. :slight_smile:

Nice colt, love the name!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’d like to give a big thank you to Shanthi for fixing the horse markings! Now I know what my babies look like exactly.  ;D

You’re welcome. :slight_smile: I think a few mistakes may still be lurking, but most of them are fixed.

Even though I didn’t breed this little girl, I’m still excited about her.

[color=red]Holy Matrimony
Created x Created
DOB: 5 March 2015
Blue Roan - 8.0hh

I can’t take much credit for her since she is just an activity point redemtion, but she’s still special to me because of the day that she was born. My Nana lost her husband a while back after raising a family with him. She found a man to love for the rest of her life recently and married him on March 5. It was a rainy wedding, and I think this filly’s color reflects that. I just had to name her after this special day.

Cute name. :slight_smile:

Lovely name and lovely story attached to it

A little filly arrived at our stable on June 9. Freedom Acres is proud to present;

[color=blue]Ch. Moonopoly (B) x [color=red]American Heiress (B)
DOB: 9 June 2015
Bay - 8.2hh

American Heiress was a Color War redemption and came pre-bred with Moonopoly. This filly has been long awaited and I can’t wait to see how she runs.  :slight_smile:

It’s still June

Nice name

Haha, I meant June. Thanks for pointing that out.

And thanks!  :slight_smile:

Our last foal, the other one that I bred myself, has arrived at our stable five days early.

[color=red]Accio Nocte
[color=blue]ICh. Unabridged x [color=red]Eclipse Di Luna
DOB: 5 July 2015
Light grey - 9.0hh

This little girl looks exactly like her mother. Both parents are on their second year in the breeding shed and therefore have not proven themselves as producers, but I have faith for both of them (daddy being my own stud, of course). This filly’s name comes from the Harry Potter streak that I am on, having just finished the fourth book and swiftly moving on to the fifth. Accio, as my fellow nerds should know, is the spell in Harry Potter that causes objects to move to the one requesting it, not unlike telekinesis. Anyway, I had a theory that J. K. Rowling got the term from the Latin language, so I looked it up, and accio means “action” in English. Don’t know if that’s where she got it, but I suddenly wanted to name my little girl “Night Action” in Latin, so there she goes.

Can you tell I’m excited for my first Unabridged baby? :smiley:

Congrats! Hope she does well for you. :slight_smile: