Free BC Nominations?

I’ve been going through my list of potential runners for the BC, doing last-minute nominations and things. Every time I click to nominate a horse, it gives me a confirmation that the horse was nominated, but the price for the nominations on all my horses says $0, and they are never marked as nominated when I go back to look at them. Am I too late for last-minute nominations? I didn’t think these horses were already nominated, so it shouldn’t be that. I’m not really sure if I’m doing something wrong or if the system is just wacky right now.

same thing happens for me as well, think the system has a little bug playing around with it!

Are you talking about late nominations, supplemental nominations, or weanling nominations?

Supplemental nominations

Yes, supplemental nominations. Haven’t had any trouble with weanling nominations, and I don’t think I’ve tried late nominations yet.

Not to be annoying about this, but September is coming up and I was wondering if there’s been any time to look into this issue. I’m still unable to use supplemental nominations.

This should be fixed! :tada:

Looks like it is. Thank you!