Forum Guidelines

OK, guys, please keep these things in mind when posting on the forum:

  1. If you don’t have anything useful to say, don’t post…there have been several “blank” posts recently, as in “who’s handicapping this race? I’m not, but I want to read handicapper’s picks so someone else do it” (not that long, of course, but that’s the gist) or “results are up” and then in another post, the actual real post about how someone’s horses did.  There’s a reason you can edit your posts…there should not be a need for posting a new post just to add one line of text, or posting one post that says nothing and then posting another post that actually says something.  I can and will block people from posting for periods of time, please don’t make me have to.

  2. Don’t insult other people, or other horses…joking that your horse isn’t fit to run in a race is ok since it’s yours (though unadvisable if you plan to sell it :stuck_out_tongue:), but please don’t say “my horse beat all these other really crappy horses, yay!” because even if you might admit to yourself that a horse of yours isn’t super, reading someone else saying it isn’t quite as fun/cool.

  3. This has been said before, but please read the other posts.  It’s very depressing for me to have to read through 80 different threads about the same exact problem…one thread with 80 responses is a bit different since at least then I can just see that there are 80 people having issues and fix it…but generally once I’ve read the same thing over and over 80 times, the last thing I want to do is fix the problem.  :stuck_out_tongue:
    Edited for even more obviousness: This means that, if you see a thread reporting a problem with the site, and you have the exact same problem, feel free to 1) say to yourself “yay, I’m not the only one!” 2) PM the person who started the thread to tell them they’re not the only one.  Do not post saying “yeah, I have that problem too”.  I will always assume that any reported problems are game-wide.  If, when I fix them, I discover otherwise, no big deal.  Hearing from every single member in the game that they share the problem is a big deal, to me.

In addition to this, please post in correctly spelled, reasonably correctly “spoken” English.

This means:
Type in complete sentences.  I don’t care if you have a few typos or a few grammatical errors, but please…after you post, re-read it (preferably aloud) and make sure that it’s moderately coherent.

Unless you’re doing a (very bad) RP type post, don’t type a bunch of -Shanthi goes off to code- or wishes she weren’t at work type of stuff…just post something like “OK, it’s time for me to go code…I wish I weren’t at work”, if you really think the FF community at large needs to know.

Remember that this is a forum, not a chat room.  Using acronyms/abbreviations like “LOL”, “OMG”, “BTW”, are fine (in a very limited sense), but don’t just turn a thread into the equivalent of an IM conversation, please.  That’s what private messaging is for.

Don’t post text-type smilies that aren’t (i.e. O.o).  That has to be the most retarded thing I’ve ever seen on a computer screen, especially since there’s the emoticon equivalent (:o) that doesn’t confuse people with trying to figure out what the hell you meant to type instead of “O.o”.

Only post if you have something to say.  A “me too” is fine on some occasions - happy birthday, congrats on a race/stakes win, and so forth…but a chorus of “me toos” gets really annoying when it’s a conversation about the weather.  Likewise, a post that literally says nothing (i.e. “Look, I just posted 1,000 posts!”) is a waste of everyone’s time in reading it, and only encourages more “nothing” posts.