🚫 Foaling dates changed

I noticed I suddenly had a mare due Feb 14, when I had definitely made a note saying no new foals expected until March. After looking at my 2025-due mares, it appears they’ve all shifted. If these are their new due dates after all the bug fixes, that’s fine, but maybe as a note to all stallion and broodmare owners, you might want to check for any booking issues.

For instance, my mare War Poppy was originally due March 1st when I took notes in December, but she’s now due March 25th. Some mares only shifted a few days, but some either moved up as much as 3 weeks, or moved out 3 weeks. I’m going to check the arranged bookings for my 3 studs this weekend and reach out to any mare owners who might be affected.

Edit: Just discovered one of my mares went from being due in early April to mid-May, so yeah, check your bookings. :laughing:

Yes I went through and added due dates for all the 2025 foalings that were missing them. It doesn’t matter for stud owners as those bookings were all done last year.

So I just came across this issue, I had a mare due to foal on April 1 according to my records and now I just checked on her and it says that shes now Due May 8th. I can confirm she was bred on May 1/2024. I have a stallion booked for her according to her April 1st due date and now wont be able to make that booking. Is this a result of inputing random due dates ?

Probably? The actual foal’s due date hasn’t changed, though, so you’re just as likely to be able to use the stud booking next year based on the original April 1 due date as now with the May 8 due date. (Most likely, given that range, was the April 1 was an underestimate and the May 8 is an overestimate and she’s probably more likely for mid-April.)