Foal no Foal

Small problem :wink:
On my stable page it shows I have a new weanling and Snowcapped has not been bred yet. Take a look at the weanlings no new weanling ???

Went to check Snowcapped’s foals page on the left side it says “Last foal: Unnamed - '12 filly by Highland Bandit”
However on the right side in the chart it says “In Foal  2012  –  Highland Bandit  Due March 4 (View Ped)” ::)

Darn foal has a split personality ;D

Ya know Paul… I had that happen with one of my mares… and I was all what the heck… but the next morning bright and early… lo and behold there was my new foal… so maybe wait until tomorrow morning and see if that darlin’ lil’ Highland Bandit filly shows up…  ;D