Foal is both dead and alive

Home page shows that my broodmare Raindale Raven horse=24916 has had a stillborn foal

However when I go to the mares page she is still in foal as well as the foal being stillborn. the foal is not due for another 5 weeks. I thought the due date could only be out by a month either way so shouldn’t even have been stillborn yet.

really hope this is a bug as I have had 3 stillborns already

I think you hit the page as the script was running, so the breeding due date hadn’t been deleted yet. Unfortunately the foal was born today, but was stillborn.

Hi @Shanthi, War Poppy had her foal last night but is still listed as in foal on her page and her foal appears as unborn. She is listed as unbred on the Stable Overview, however.

The same applies to Sent To The Devil who also foaled this morning.

Find Me Up River and My Lady’s Fool also have this problem as of this morning.

Looks like everyone was finally freed.

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Yeah, the daily update script keeps dying midway through.

Two half-born foals today: from Ch. Ireland (horse=5498) and Ch. Hide n’ Peek (horse=20231). I got the “new foals” alert on Stable Page, but they’re not showing on Weanlings list and their status is “unborn”.

The daily script didn’t run automatically thanks to the server meltdown. Fixed now.