[FIXED] Stable Training Summary

Hi Shanthi,

I found a small bug -

When in the Training Summary if you sort by ‘location’ all the horses disappear. All other filters work fine.


I think this should be fixed now, can you check?

@Shanthi I’ve checked all the filters and they all seem to be working properly.


Good to know, thanks for checking!

@Shanthi this isn’t a bug but I’ve noticed when you filter by age in now shows oldest to youngest, where in the past it was youngest to oldest. Not sure when this changed?

Is it possible to go back to youngest to oldest or have an option please?


Should be fixed now. (It used to sort by year of birth descending, but I forgot to switch the order when it changed to sorting by numerical age, which would be the opposite.)

Thanks @Shanthi :slight_smile: