[FIXED] Select Auction bidding

Description of Issue

Bid placed on two horses in Select Auction. Put my max bids in, one has a reserve which was met at less than max bid. Second has no reserve so bidding should start at $1000 but has put in a bid of $100,000 (which was less than my max bid) and I got a message along the lines of when all $100,000 bids are in the horse will be randomly drawn (sorry I didn’t screen shot it) - as you would in the FF auctions where there’s a maximum spend of $100,000.

Steps to Reproduce
Go to Select Auction page
Place bid on appropriate horse, in this case Kowhai
Enter max bid (I’m assuming this may not cause a problem if bidding less than $100,000)
Place bid
Message appeared as above


My Auction watch page for shows my current bid and correct max bid for Ice Tiger (also over 100,000) but for Kowhai both current and max bid show 100,000.

Ditto for me too, I had the same happen on Incredible Zephyr

Bid went straight to $100k :thinking: :open_mouth::flushed:

Same for me to

Should be fixed - copy/paste error when consigning horses and it set max prices for them even though they were in the select auction.

I’ve deleted all the bids so everyone can start from scratch.

Thank you @Shanthi!