[FIXED] Incorrect Auction date

Description of Issue
Auction start date doesn’t match the date I selected
Give a brief overview of your bug
I tried to set up an auction to start on 10th August this year. I checked all the dates on the ‘Is this information correct page?’’ but the code has set the auction up for 10th August 2027.
Steps to Reproduce
Create auction, add selected dates. Check info and save. My auction now appears after the Foal auction - I was expecting the listing to appear between the FF Mixed and Select auctions.

Hm, the auction code is meant to restrict you to only creating an auction within the next month, so maybe that’s why it’s confused.

I’ll check into it tomorrow.

No urgency for this but could you amend the date to 2023 (or delete the auction completely if it’s easier) please.

Done, sorry for the delay.

That’s ok, thank you :slightly_smiling_face: