[FIXED] Horse on training schedules not training

None of my horses with training schedules have trained since the 10th.

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Should be fixed now. (will see tomorrow if they automatically run, I ran them manually now)

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All of them had the same comment, “___ was a dream to ride today!” I don’t know if that was because you did them manually or if it is something wrong.

Hm, it shouldn’t have made a difference but I’ll see it it behaves tomorrow and debug further.

Just took a look at my stable workouts from the past few days. Not only does it seem my horses weren’t training at least on the 11th or 13th, but since then, every single horse for the last few days has gotten the “dream to ride” comment. Not sure what these jockeys are on, but I think I might need some. Lol.

They trained automatically yesterday but all had the dream to ride comment again.

OK, it looks like yesterday’s workouts ran as normal with varied comments.

(I’ll continue to keep an eye on it, as I’m not sure what actually fixed the problem so I’m not sure if it won’t crop up again.)

I wanted to train entered horses so went to my Training Workouts page, clicked “Do Workouts.” It only worked A-O horses (stopped with Owl Hunt), but said Owl Hunt could not work/invalid track/track not selected but I can see on his page that turf is selected and probably has been for months. But it didn’t work any horses whose name started with any letter after O.

But comments were varied!

Was the track selected on the workouts page itself? It should default to turf based on his preferences, but maybe that bit’s not working, or it got de-selected somehow?

Yup, turf is selected.

Hm, it may be because there’s a limit on the amount of data you can send in a single form and the workouts page is insane in how long it is. :laughing:

It’s next up on my list of pages to optimise.

I’ve also noticed that not all of my horses that are at the track (and not entered to race) aren’t being worked when the script runs. The three I’ve noticed are also the three where I couldn’t delete their schedules - Cool Thunder, Here Comes Trouble and I See Fire.

@Shelbie I’ve updated the server settings so it should be able to train all the horses on the page.

I still need to actually work on the page, but for now hopefully that’s the start of a fix.