[FIXED] Fitness Levels

Description of Issue

All of my racehorses now have a fitness level of B except 3 of them. Some of them were at F due to being at the farm for months, they are now listed at B as well without any training. Yesterday when I checked, the ones who had just raced on Saturday had a fitness level of C, but now are listed at B.

Yesterday a majority (like 75%) of my horses were at F/F for fitness and energy. The horses at home were mostly at A/A, but the horses at the track were all F/F minus like 5 or 6.

Looking at my horses now, their fitness and energy are all over the place. Horses are home are now mostly A/B.

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Yeah, I accidentally reset all racehorses’ fitness trying to get Saturday’s races to run. It should be back to normal service levels going forward.


Yay, I’m back! But almost all my horses (33 exactly) have F fitness, except seven which are at A.

I came back and all my horses were A/A. I trained some of them, and the ones I trained now have F/F.

I just had the same thing, I just trained my horses that are at the track and after working them, energy and fitness are now both F/F. All of them were A/A before training.

All ponies that just ran are now at F/F as well. @Shanthi would this have effected their race performance ?

I think it’s just the display that’s off. The average fitness level for racehorses is currently 99/100.

okay just wanted to check because quite a few of mine did way worse than I anticipated in today’s races.

As of today, all horses that are not at my home barn are listed as F/F (energy/fitness). The horses at my barn are all A/A. Not sure if this is a display issue or if the values are really that low.

It was a display issue, and should now be fixed.

I tried to train a few more horses today, and it did the same thing. A/A before training and F/F after.

same thing happened to me!

I think this is now fixed.

It looks like it’s working now. Thank you!

@Shanthi Im curious if there could potentially be an issue with this? Ive noticed since this happened that quite a few of my racers have been losing fitness alot faster than they were prior. I work my horses quite regularly (3-4 times a week) for 2-3 weeks prior to racing. They usually get about 7-10 days off following a race back at the farm before shipping out to train again for racing. I won’t ship them out till they have reach ‘A’ for energy again. Some of my racers that have just raced and resting at home are dropping to ‘B’ fitness usually after 5-7 days at home. Prior it would take about 15-30 days before dropping down to a ‘B’. This boy Clockmaker raced on Jan 8th, was at the boarding farm for about 8 days and has been back to work since the 17th and hes currently showing as ‘B’ fitness on my training summary. He was at A/A on the 17th.

A vs B isn’t a bug - there’s a margin of error in the letter grades, so even if he has 99% fitness (A) the trainer might look at him and decide he’s a B that day. Likewise he could have 80% fitness (B) and the trainer could say he’s an A.

Okay that makes sense! Thank you for explaining!