[FIXED] Entering BC

My horses appear as not qualified for their BC races, but they should be:

10/30 #31 Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Fillies
Currently she is 2nd on Qualifiers list for Breeders’ Cup Juvenile, but can’t enter.

Lifetime Breeders’ Cup nomination
Currently 12th on Qualifiers list.

Both were scheduled to be automatically entered but didn’t, and I can’t enter them manually. Seems like no horses are entered so maybe it’s a more general bug?

I’ve noticed the same issue with manually entering. I didn’t set any horses up for automatic entry as for some reason I thought we couldn’t.

Same here with Contrary Mary No.1 Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Turf Fillies. I’m told i have no eligible horses but have been able to schedule her, but i was able to schedule a horse that was not qualified (just testing I deleted the entry)

Yup, I’m having the same problem with Ellis Island (#10 Juvenile Turf) & Daily Prophet (#11 on SC Distaff Endurance).

Same issue here ! Says I don’t have any qualified horses. Avoid the Bugs is top of the Turf sprint qualifier and Zany Fight is 2nd begins bugs on the Mile list.

Same - “No qualified horses” when I have quite a few.

Should be fixed.

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Yes, both entered! Thank you!

Thanks Shanthi!

@Shanthi can I trouble you to check this one please?

Antoinette De holds a lifetime nomination to the BC & looks to have enough points to place her about 3rd or 4th on the list for the Breeders’ Cup Filly & Mare Turf yet she doesn’t show up to enter.

edit: @Shanthi seems she shows up as qualified for the Turf Sprint although having not raced in sprint races :thinking:

thanks in advance


I have 9 horses pre-entered for the BC races, however, when Automated Entries were run yesterday, none of them were entered. They all show up in my list of Scheduled Entries.

You will have to enter them manually. The auto entry script doesn’t handle BC races. (I still need to figure out why the logic to exclude them from future entry isn’t happening.)

Maybe it’s because BC races are nomination and qualifier based, and maybe the future entry system isn’t/doesn’t speak to the BC qualifier list?

Yes, that’s by design. (It could speak to the BC qualifier list, but doesn’t.)

@Andy I checked the qualification and it is correct - as the F&M Turf is over 10f it only counts races that are 10-14f turf for qualifying. The turf sprint counts <= 8f, and the Mile counts 6-10f (she’s an alternate there).

Ah @Shanthi that makes sense, I was basing my assumptions on the race distances --> 7.5F, 8 to 10F and 10.5F +


No worries, I should probably look at tweaking the distances slightly, and documenting what they are on the qualifications page.