[FIXED] Charged Twice for Shipping Horses

When I was going through my budget history, also the shipping on each of my horses individual pages. I noticed that I was charged twice for shipping some of my horses. There are double entries on both the shipping pages and my budget page as well.

Specifically shipping pages of these 5 horses

Ch.Queen’s Dance Jan 3/2023

Dance to the Drum Jan 3/2023

Known Brick Oct 20/2022

Major Victory Nov 3/2022

Little Wheel Dec 26/2022

If you can total the amount you were double-charged I can set up a refund transaction.

I went according to the prices on the horses shipping page, if that is incorrect please let me know:

Total: 6,750

Thank you!

All set. :smile:

This bug has reared its ugly head on quite a few occasions over the last few months. Just noticed it this morning.

Underwood 2023-04-04
Toffee Street 2023-02-13 - this one has 4 entries for the same date. ‘Farm to Tall Oaks Estate’ not sure what that means but theres a dup of it as well.
Thunder Rolls 2023-02-26
Reis Magia 2023-03-03
Photo Bomb 2023-03-24
Mojave Desert 2023-03-27 & 2023-05-11
Funny Joke 2023-01-11
Cop in Morgue 2023-05-11
Dance to the Drum 2023-03-13
Great Sword of War 2023-01-23 & 2023-05-08

According to Shipping history page the total amount that I was charged extra for was $10,925

Just happened a few minutes ago as well with Dicey Heist 2023-06-08

total now: $21,925

@Shanthi just wondering if you’ve had a chance to take a peak at this ?

Thank you!

I still need to fix the underlying bug (if possible) but I’ve refunded the excess charges.

thank you !!

Cop in Morgue 2023-06-24
Farm to Del Mar- $2,600

Gah I’ve been noticing this on a few horses. Will have to start a list.

How are you doing the shipping? Might be able to find the actual bug…

I haven’t really been been keeping track of which method of shipping I’ve been using when the double occurs but the latest one with Cop in Morgue was shipping him to the track from the stable shipping page. I use the stable shipping page quite frequently.


Oh I found a horse where it happened. It was Air travel and I shipped from the track to home so it was from the actual shipping page.

I’ve made a few tweaks that I think should fix this.