[FIXED] Can't un-list retired horse from sale

Description of Issue

I have a retired broodmare who’s listed for sale (https://www.finalfurlong.org/viewhorse.php?horse=11321). I’d like to remove her sale ad since no one would / should purchase her. :slight_smile: This may be user error if I retired her while she was for sale – apologies if so!

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Login
  2. Navigate to horse page > https://www.finalfurlong.org/viewhorse.php?horse=11321
  3. Sale price is listed on her profile, but there’s no way for me to remove her from sale

Additional information

Very low priority!

I’ve updated her status to not for sale.

Do you know when you retired her? I think there was a typo in the code that I fixed a couple of days ago, but if you just retired her today then I don’t know why her sale price wouldn’t have been removed.

Update: I think I found the issue. :tada:

Thank you so much!

I think she was retired several weeks ago. Oops.