[FIXED] Can't Delete Training Schedule

Description of Issue

I can’t delete my training schedules.

Steps to Reproduce

Outline the exact steps to reproduce the issue, ideally with screenshots and links (as appropriate). Template:

  1. Clicked Delete Horse Schedule
  2. Get “Your schedule was successfully deleted.” message
  3. Return to Training Schedules page & schedule is still there

This should be fixed.

Bizarrely I was able to delete All of the Lights’ training schedule but can’t assign a new one, but I can’t seem to delete anyone else’s schedule (ex: Arkenstone or Autumn Red).

Edit: So it seems inconsistent as to who I can or cannot delete and reassign schedules for. For instance, I was able to delete and reassign for Every Extravagance, but cannot delete Fairy Kingdom’s schedule, and I was able to delete Fear Industry’s schedule but can’t reassign.

Edit: All of the Lights isn’t assigned a training schedule (see above) but she’s listed to jog today on the Workouts page. So something thinks she has an assigned schedule somewhere, lol.

I still can’t delete schedules.

I can’t delete a schedule either

This is still and issue for me as well.


Usually, when a horse is injured or you Buy, Lease or Claim a racehorse, the code automatically deletes the training schedule. Recently, I have noticed that this is not happening.

Yeah same here.

Can’t enter Difficult sky as he’s stuck at boarding farm(Australia)


OK, I think adding/deleting training schedules should be fixed (again).

Thank you

Thanks Shanthi!