[FIXED] BC Qualifier List Not Updating

Not a huge issue, but the BC qualifier list looks like it’s back to not updating. Just thought I’d drop this here in case it might be possible to look at it.

It also looks like the BS Qualifier list is updating points but not resorting the list

I’ve updated the BC qualifier list.

The BS qualifier list sorts by stakes wins, then stakes places, and breaks ties with points.

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I think it’s still bugged. The BC nominations show that my mare Ch. Fractal should be #10 on the list for the Filly & Mare Sprint, but she doesn’t even show up on the list.

The bug in this case was in the BC nominations page, it was counting races up to 8 1/2 furlongs for the Filly & Mare Sprint, but the actual qualification is based on up to 8 furlongs.

That is…extraordinarily unfortunate, as I’ve already spent the money on the nomination…

I’ve refunded your supplemental nomination fee, since presumably you wouldn’t have nominated her if it had said #66 instead of #10.

Thank you! Yes, if I had known she was that low on the totem pole, I definitely wouldn’t have nominated her. Probably would have caught it if I had done the math myself, but here we are… Lol…

It looks like the BC list isn’t updating again, unless it has to be updated manually. If that is the case please ignore this! :slight_smile: Just trying to finalize who is being pointed to run at the BC.