[FIXED] Activity Points

Description of Issue

When I click on redeem Activity points, it says I only have 19 pts but my stable overview is reading 253 points.

Steps to Reproduce

Click on redeem activity points from stable overview page. Redemption page states 19 points.

Jumping in to say mine does this as well, but for some reason I always assumed the stable overview points were an overall total, which I now see doesn’t make sense when I actually add them up. :flushed:

Anyway, so my stable overview balance is 516, but my redemption page balance is 143.

@Shanthi have you by chance had time to look into this at all? I’m showing 67 pts on my redemption page now when my overview says I have 301.

Not yet - was out of town last week so I’m playing catch up.

no worries ! thanks for getting back to me!

any update on this ? Think I have enough to redeem for a horse!

This should be fixed @Nicole11