I can’t seem to get the fitness up on my two leases! One’s B the other’s a C. Not horrid, but I would like it to be A for both of them. I jogged them 1/2 a mile today, their energy didn’t go down at all. In fact, I think it rose.  :astonished:

But anyway, my origional question: How do I raise fitness?

Personally I think that fitness itn’t a huge deal, it just helps them recover faster from stuff (but then again, i’m no expert!!). SO if they have good energy, i think it would be ok if you raced them.

I think you’ll be fine to race with your horse on A energy and B/C fitness. Racing will push fitness up quickly too (quicker then training I believe, so you may have peaked with training and you actually need to race your horses).

I don’t race when the horse has D or F for energy or F for fitness. I’ve had horses win races on C energy and D fitness.

Also remember that the ratings have a built-in margin of error, so what it says may not be what it really is. :wink:

Everybody has different methods of training that work for them, for me though, Fitness basically has to be an A, if its not I don’t race because I get terrible performances. Others have an entirely different approach though, that works for them. You just need to play around with things and figure out what works best for you. :slight_smile: