Final Furlong Owned Horses

Hi all!

I’ve browsed the Newbie guide and FAQ’s and my apologies if it is written in there and I missed it, but are we allowed to ask to purchase some horses owned by FF?  I’ve spotted a 11 yo broodmare and  her 4yo daughter(that aren’t being actively used ie. mare hasn’t been bred since 2018 and her now 4yo daughter hasn’t race since 2021) that I would love to add to my herd but don’t want to get in trouble for asking if its not allowed? 

Guidance for a newbie would be really appreciated!!!

Sadly not (there’s a few in the FF herd i’d Like to get my hands on!).

Full info in this post here: … ic.php?t=5

Basically you have to hope that the horses on your wish list appear in one of the 4 FF annual auctions or, if the horse is racing age, they end up in a claiming races and try and nab them that way. Welcome to the game, hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:

Thank you for getting back to me! Glad I asked before asking Shanthi!!  Can you tell me what kind of auctions there are during the year? I recently purchased a yearling from the auction currently being held.  Are all the auctions the same (as in yearlings and weanlings) or are there ones for different categories?  For example an auction for broodmares/stallions, another for racehorses etc? 

You can request that a horse be consigned to the main FF-held auctions. (There are 4 every year: 2yos only, mix of everything, high quality horses that have reserve pricing, and the weanling/yearling auction that’s currently happening.)

n.b. your best bet on this happening is 1) if the auction has already been created 2) if FF horses haven’t already been consigned. also, please be sensible and don’t ask for a dozen horses to be consigned, and bear in mind that the goal for FF horses in auction is a nice mix of ages/bloodlines/etc so I won’t just add a broodmare and all her foals, or a bunch of horses by the same sire, etc. Thanks!

Thanks Shanthi for the info! It’s greatly appreciated!  Generally what time of year is the mix of everything auction so I may keep an eye out for it?  Also if the conditions are favorable to make a request, how should I contact you to make the request?  Its the just the one mare and 4yo F I would be requesting, is that acceptable or should I pick one or the other?

thank you!

There’s usually an auction for 2yos in March, a mixed Auction in July which is all types of horses, Select Auction in september (all types again but horses must be stakes calibre e.g stakes winner/produced stakes level foals - for the unraced ponies they need to be out of a stakes level mare or half-sibling to a stakes level performer. The. There’s also the youngstock auction which, as you know, is going on now.

At the moment it’s just via PM on the forum. (I have an item on my mental to-do list to add a button to the horse page to allow it to be flagged for auction consideration, but that’s not done yet.)

Re: your request in particular, it would depend on what mare/foal they are. Perhaps the mare would go in the mixed auction and the 4yo in the Select, or vice-verse. Or it may just end up being one of them that goes into an auction.