FF stallions requiring approval?

So I was breeding Island View to Gun Runner and I got a notification that I needed to request the owner’s approval. It’s the same for other mares to other FF stallions for me. This isn’t supposed to happen I believe.

I think that happens every time in the beginning of the year… not sure why :thinking:

I think its because we always vote on any new RL studs we want to add to the game so the current RL studs are “frozen” until voting is done.


Yeah, they are usually that way until the breeding season opens on Feb 15th.

Ah, that makes sense! Hadn’t thought of that yet, thanks for the clarification y’all!

@Shanthi Looks like they may need to be manually unlocked.


Any possibility of opening up the FF studs to bookings please @Shanthi ?


I keep making requests to the ‘owner’ hoping it will be granted :thinking:

I got a few sitting here in the barn awaiting the FF stallions opening up :grinning:


I just gave up on breeding to FF stallions, this crop is going to be experimental & chaotic :crazy_face:


I also unfortunately gave up on trying to breed to FF studs this year. :cry:

I’m running out of stallions to breed to as I generally pick on those who don’t need approval.

The FF stallions made life easier.

On the flip side for me, all Sionnach’s slots have been booked and mares bred - I’m sure the FF glitch has worked in his favour.

Still would like to access some of the FF studs though.