FF stallion has a limit of ‘0’ mares

Hi @Shanthi

Not exactly a bug but wasn’t sure where else to flag. Phenomenal is now with FF but has a fee of $0 and a limit of ‘0’ mares per stable. Any chance he could be opened up for outside mares and a fee set for him?



Weren’t they blocked before voting for new stallions each year… or something like that?

Famous studs were/are but Phenomenal has been ‘stuck’ at 0 mares for some time. I think his previous owner set him up that way and the settings stayed in place when he transferred to FF.


I’ve updated his fee to $5k and allowed outside mares


Thank you :pray:

Is there any chance for similar action on Sawbones?

He’s still owned by an inactive stable (last login: 11/4/25) and isn’t allowed outside mares. He’s the only son of Oscillation to make it to stud so he’d be a welcome addition to the current stud roster.

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Thanks @Shanthi - looks like he’s still set to requiring owner approval to breed.

I’ve updated his settings so that he can be used for outside mares.

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Thanks Shanthi!

Hi @Shanthi

Would you consider doing the same for Cool Crusader and Cop In Morgue please? Nicole hasn’t been active since last April.


I just realised I had a pending booking to Cool Crusader, now I get why it hadn’t been accepted. :face_with_monocle: