FF Anniversary?

When is Final Furlong’s 5 year anniversary date?

Umm…3 years ago?

Final Furlong was started in early November, 1997. (Albeit under the name “Virtual Racing”, but that’s beside the point :p)

So, come November… we should throw a “anniversary party” lol… just a thought :smiley:

How do you throw a party online? Not being sarcastic, just have no clue how to celebrate a 5 year anniversary for FF without it involving giving everyone money/horses :wink:

lol… virtual cocktails anyone? :lol:

Maybe we could have a special contest or something? Something similar to Color Wars, but everyone participate individually ? i.e. Design a flyer announcing the “party” in your own unique way, and then after everyone who wants to join in has submitted their piece, we can all vote for the one we like best, and maybe display that on FF for a week or two? lol let me know if thats totally off the wall idea :smiley: