Fellow new players


and salutations to everyone.

I have noticed that there are a lot of new stables, and

alot of new players wanting more than that original one horse. Entering the game itself has

an excitement factor that carries over into wanting to fill up our shedrow with soft whineys

and the smell of tack and saddle soap :smiley:

I notice too that a lot of you are posting

generic requests for horses.

Myself i have spent countless hours first memorizing

the newbie guide and then in the search horse feature of the game, going through horse after

horse, trying to find prospects that are consistant, but not too expensive. Trying to judge

those i want to have on my shed row. <_<

I have a small stable 4 racehorses 1

stud and 1 broodmare. Of my racers, 3 I worked hard to find. These 3 horses I feel an

emotional attachment too, because i did work so hard to find them, get them and then paid to

own them.

Every time they race, I feel butterflies, and when they win, I smile for

the enitre day.


Because I have worked so hard to build the stable I


I urge each and everyone of you to do the same thing. Spend some time searching

the horse database (specially the older stables :wink: ). Get involved! Handicapping is a great

way to learn who’s good, who’s not, and earn a little extra money! Who knows you may find

that one horse you’d like to have in your shed row!

Most of all, be patient have

fun, and don’t stop looking.

Fatimah of Morning Star Farms.

Well said! Now I just hope

newbies read/notice this post!

I totally agree. I’ve been

giving exactly the same advice out to newbies on AIM! :slight_smile:

I am a newbie, and anxious

to obtain horses, since there is little to do when you are waiting for them to rest between

races. But I did read the Newbie guide, and I went for specific horses! Just wanted to

mention that.

And the sad thing is, I found a broodmare I really like, and I want one of

her babies, but she’s owned by Final Furlong. :frowning: Ah well, I’m just going to have to hope

to get one of her grandbabies, since there are some of her colts out there that are still


I wanted to add this note to other newbies : when doing a search, for the owner

make sure that is it set for Not for Final Furlong, since the game doesn’t sell horses.

Sarah, you might want to

keep an eye out at auctions. FF tends to let some of their stock go there.

And, bonus is, the next

auction that newbies can afford [:wink: the Select isn’t really geared towards you guys, being

‘select’ and all…] is onyl a couple of months away. So yeah, keep an eye on the claimers,

grab some consistent money earners and then get saving for the auction! Some good horses have

come out of the auction so don’t think they are all second grade horses! :slight_smile: Good luck guys!


And the sad thing is, I found a broodmare I really like, and I want one of her

babies, but she’s owned by Final Furlong. :frowning: Ah well, I’m just going to have to hope to

get one of her grandbabies, since there are some of her colts out there that are still


I wanted to add this note to other newbies : when doing a search, for the owner

make sure that is it set for Not for Final Furlong, since the game doesn’t sell horses.

Depending on the mare, I am willing to entertain requests to put her

and/or her foals into auctions. Yes, FF doesn’t sell horses privately to members, but I

generally just pick whatever horse is first on the list alphabetically when it comes to

auctions - so if you have a specific horse you’re interested in, I’m willing to investigate

whether they’re auction-able.

Note to (older) members:

except on a very limited/gradual basis, horses from stables like Townsend Farms will not be

auctioned. Foals from those horses likely will be, but you can forget about owning Twilight

Embers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the advice, guys.

I already set aside some money for the auction in July, and 20% of any profit from my racers

goes into that fund. (I’m a geek, I like having my money separated, so I have a spreadsheet

with my “budget” saved on my computer.)

Shanthi : I wasn’t aware of that, but I’m glad I

am now. The mare’s name is Swan’s Past. Her foals currently owned by Final Furlong are

Swamp Duck (6yo Mare), Past Love(5yo Mare), Left In The Past(Yearling Stallion), and

Actforthefuture(Weanling Stallion).

Sarah, send me an e-mail

with which one(s) you’d like to see in the auction (I’d consider auctioning probably 2 out

of the 5), and I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks for


Though I’m still waiting for my membership approval and login to come through, I

thought I’d start posting. I hope you don’t mind, Shanthi!

Anyways, I agree with you.

It’s good to start with one horse, and work your way up in the game.

I totally agree with morning

Star Farms, I mean it’s not fair for people who have been searching for the right horse, and

then someone else just pops up and says I need a horse( I admit i did it myself to some

extent) :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, especially since those

generic posts come up so often.

I’m still a new player,

don’t know if I count as newbie or not still.
I really don’t have the time to find

particular horses so I kept an eye out on the Claimings. I’m happy with my small stable and

might leave it small for a while yet.
Thankyou for a great game too.

For me I would love to have

a stable full and just breed babies, but for now im concentrating on fine tuning the two I do

have so they can be at their finest.
So far ive done better handicapping than racing, go

figure. lol
I am having a lot of fun tho for me its much dif than the harness racing I was

used to up in Maine, where i was a groom for a nice bunch of standarbreds. (even had a

record setting one under my care)
I am still on the look out for my next purchase and as

fatimah said (a good friend that got me addicted to FF…LOL ) just search the names and keep

track of bloodlines you are interested in, thats how i got Fortune.
You never know when

something might crop up right in front of ya.

Have fun all I know I am!!!

forever a

horse nut… lol… CG of Iron Spur (racing) Stables

I just wanted to take a

moment to introduce myself to everyone here at FF. I am known as Kahn, owner of Terminus

Stables, and I just began playing today. Wish me luck everyone.

Thanks to the owners /

moderators of this very interesting game, my first horse, Final Performance, is entered into

his first race on the 7th. You will pardon me if the callender is confusing to me, but I

assume that will be this upcoming saturday. Wish him luck too, please even.

On a sidenote,

I am a newb, yes, but that doesn’t mean I’m an idiot. I’ve read much of this forum and the

newbie guide BEFORE I made the decision to enter into the fray, as it were. I’m a bit slow

on the onset, but I believe I will pick up things quick enough that nobody should notice. I



Thanks again for allowing me the pleasure of joining in on the fun and

I hope to one day become something of a beacon for other newbs to turn to for assistance in

the future.

I wish you well

Good luck Kahn, looks like

you are a very well informed member for which we are very grateful! Still, don’t hesitate to

ask questions, just make sure not to make a bland post asking for horses like so many newb’s

do, but I’m sure you’ve seen the posts about that already.

Glad you decided to join!

Thanks …



By the way, I love the animated avatar too … and … now I can’t get

that infernal theme song out of my head now. :lol:

For the record, yes, I am well aware

how annoying stupid questions can be, especially for the person(s) fielding them. <_< I

assure you that I am not too lazy to research my questions on my own and will try to only ask

questions I can’t find my own answers too. I have read that the owners / creators of the

game are quite busy in other areas of their lives, as I’m sure many of the people playing

the game are too. Too, I am in no rush to own a bazillion horses, nor do I have dillusions of

granduer in assuming I could even maintain more than I already have at the moment. I intend

to learn at a slow and steady pace, while building up my stables, instead of going on a horse

buying frenzy like others have been known to do.

I do welcome any and all sane, logical

advice and look foward to having plenty of enjoyment in this new adventure for me.


wish you well

Glad you like my avator :wink:

nothing better than a dancing spiderman!
I think you’ll see that most of the people that

haunt this forum are very nice and fun to talk to. If you have any messengers you should see

if anybody else has the same ones as you if you ever feel like chatting (by checking their

member profile)

I do have to admit that

sometimes I just sit and stare at the dancing spiderman for 10 min. or more. :slight_smile: It’s

hypmotizing, lol!

Haha! Glad that I’m not the

only one who does it! Yay Spidy!

And Yes welcome to the game Kahn. It is so refreshing

to have a well informed newbie. :slight_smile: Good Luck to you!